In the ancient time, the scaffolding made of wood often brought some troubles. It's not solid enough, or its quality will be affected easily by bad weather. With gradual growth of economy and technology, the steel scaffolding is becoming more popular. While there are still some simple scaffolding made of wood. As a matter of fact, steel scaffolding has more advantages. Moreover, in current situation, many factors boost the comprehensive application of steel scaffolding.
1. Reduce the wasting of precious tree.
If the scaffolding is chiefly made of wood, what will happen? There will be lack in tree all over the world. Human needs the tree. It will make a better environment for human. If the wood is used as the primary material for scaffolding, we can't breathe the fresh air and we may live in the sand.
Instead, using the steel will protect the precious resource, for there is no wasting or cutting. We may adopt the discarded steel as the raw material for scaffolding. This way may bring us benefits in protecting the tree and solving the problem of waste material.
2. It's much safer for worker.
In fact, working on the scaffolding is a sort of perilous thing. The danger may be caused by improper operation or slimy structure. The slimy structure is the main factor. Can the slimy structure ensure the safety of worker? Of course, it can't. Actually, steel scaffolding is solid or stable enough to bear the load or resist the severe weather like a heavy wind. Wood is a kind of insulator. As long as you have done the insulating measure like using lightning rod, it also ensures staff against danger. But, you'd better avoid working in thunderstorm.

3. Steel scaffolding can be in the form of different structures.
Since the steel scaffolding was put into use, it has been designed into several kinds of types, including cuplock scaffolding, gate or bell and spigot scaffolding. The continual change will help improve the security and working efficiency. By comparison, the structure of wooden scaffolding is much simpler. So, the steel scaffolding can satisfy the market demands well. And this demand is a big chance for steel scaffolding suppliers or manufacturers.
4. It has a longer lifetime.
It's clear that steel scaffolding has longer life than wooden scaffolding. It's because that steel contains some features that wood doesn't have. For instance: steel scaffolding can be used below 250℃; Its better bearing capacity will help last its lifetime.
By contrast, the life of wooden scaffolding will be shortened by various reasons, like the water, high temperature or insect.
However, the biggest demerit of steel is that it will rust. If you repeatedly do the anti-rust measure, its working life won't be impacted badly.
Scaffolding as an important auxiliary device in construction is strict with material or structure. Of all the factors listed above, the steel scaffolding will absolutely replace the wooden scaffolding. Both of construction workers and steel scaffolding manufacturers will benefit a lot
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the information about Steel Scaffolding is very informative.the advantages of Steel Scaffolding over wooden Scaffolding are also very true. thanks for sharing..

Manish Paul Simon
5/5/2013 02:47:18 am

I took down notes from this article for my exam tomorrow. I'll probably get a question "Write the advantages of steel scaffolding over the conventional one?"

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thank u very much for ur answers on here..................

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Willis Otieno
4/11/2017 10:50:08 am

nice article about the steel scaffolding. we need to conserve our trees.

5/8/2017 01:54:20 am

That’s right Tyler! The more you know about steel buildings, the more informed your decision will be. You’re on the right track already by considering steel scaffolding is superior to wooden scaffolding. To know more about click here.

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I like that you mentioned that steel scaffolding will last much longer than wood. I drive past a construction site on the way to work every morning, and I've begun to understand what different structures and materials are being used for. Thanks for explaining the importance and benefits of scaffolding!


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