Now with the development of technology, LED lamps are becoming more and more popular in the society. For example, they are used as car lights, traffic signal lights, display screens, and even desk lamps. We know that the stroboflash of fluorescent lamps does great harm to our eyes. And in the sense of lifetime, incandescent lamps are less durable than the LED ones. It seems that LED lamps seem to be the best choice for desk work.
But are the LED lamps good for our health? The fluorescent lamps emit light which is gentle and the whole process is clear of stroboflash. Is it the same for the LED lamps? According to the tests done by some professional organizations, LED lamps are free of stroboflash, glare, ultraviolet, and infrared.
Stroboflash can make man's eyes stay in a state of great stress, which will lead to the visual fatigue and thus the myopia. Different from the traditional lamps that apply alternating current, LED lamps apply the techniques of direct current. This could assure the disappearance of stroboflash. And the fluorescent lamp emits light through stimulating the fluorescent powder by the ultraviolet. While the LED lamps emit light through the current directly, leaving no possibility for the existence of ultraviolet.
With so many advantages of LED lamps, why do not buy one? But here is another problem? Since there are different types of these lamps. which type is the best one at the present time, leds t8 or leds t5?
Here “t” refers to “tube”, and “8 ”means the perimeter of the tube. So is with the phrase “led t5”. Is there any other difference between the two types of tubes besides the difference in perimeter? The led tube t8 is the common lamp used in homes while led t5 is used in the circumstances of commercial lighting. In today's market, the ballast of led tube t8 is better than that of led t5. And the energy consumption of the former one is much lower, whose energy consumption of itself is only 2 Watts while the energy consumption of the led t5 is about 6 Watts. And the amount of mercury in most t5 tubes is larger than in led t8 tubes. What's more, the caliber of led t5 is smaller, which means the voltage when the lamp is turned on is higher than that of led tube t8. The higher the starting voltage, the higher the temperature is. High temperature tends to lead to the degradation of the lamp and the electric power circuit. In addition, the technology for led t5 is still not so mature at present, so it is suggested to purchase led tube t8 for home uses.
With some comparisons above, it is clear that led tube t8 is the best choice for our daily use since there is no harm for our eyes, no danger for potential problems in power supply circuit and there is mature technology for this type of lamps.

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