Nowadays, copper bathroom sinks have been applied to the decoration in order to enhance the visual appeal of room. Their attractive antique appearance please our eyes and their durability satisfied our functional requirements. Another positive aspect of copper sinks is that they are more sanitary than other materials. Copper is a natural element that contains anti-bacterial substance. It has been proved that a bacterium can live no longer than two hours on copper. Thus, copper sinks have a protective layer on which bacterial and harmful substances will not survive.
Although there are many advantages, the leading role in the market of sinks are still occupied by traditional stainless steel and ceramic sinks. Why copper sinks are not so popular as stainless steel and ceramic sinks? Below are some influence factors.
High Cost
Copper is an expensive metal, because of this, copper sinks are much more expensive than other kinds of sinks. The price is related closely with the percentage of copper it contains a higher percentage of copper always stands for a higher quality as well as higher price. The quality copper sink contains nearly 100 percent copper. Handcraft is another factor that will effect the price of copper sinks. Hammered bathroom copper sinks which are crafted by skilled artisans will be more valuable. Thus, the price of a high quality copper sink is several times than a stainless steel or ceramic sink.
special maintenance
Besides high price, there is another thing people always worry about when purchasing copper sinks. Many people think that keeping copper bathroom sinks shiny and clean is difficult. That is right. Copper sinks always require more maintenance than stainless steel or ceramic sinks.
The rustic, aged appearance is the most popular character of copper bathroom sinks. However, the color of the copper will gradually change with time and use. To maintain copper bathroom sinks beautiful, periodically cleanings with a copper clean are needed. When it comes to the method of cleaning your sink, any abrasive scrub should be avoided in order to protect the surface of copper sink from any scratch. Acidic foods, such as tomatoes, oranges and lemons should not be left on copper sinks for a prolonged period of time. Because the acid may produce spots on your sink. Also, it is better to wipe the sink dry after each use. Because hard water contains chemical element which will discolour the copper sink. Regular waxing and polishing could also provide additional protection and enrich the color of copper sinks if you prefer.
On the whole, specialized knowledge are necessary for the maintenance of copper bathroom sinks. In contrast, no additional step is needed if you choose to use stainless steel or ceramic sinks, daily cleanings with normal cleaner are enough.
However, copper bathroom sinks are indeed healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be matched with all kinds of decoration. With the development of our society, they may become more popular in the future.

Proper Care Keeps Copper Sink Looking Like New

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