It cannot be denied that LED tube manufacturers make great contribution to the world by inventing T8 LED tube light, which is energy efficient, durable, environmentally friendly and so on. But it is far away from being an ideal light. Therefore, it is not widely spread and there is still a long way to go to replace low efficient lightings like fluorescent light with T8 LED tube light.
Why it is imperfect is that it is of high price. Most of families cannot afford to use it as home lighting. In addition to high price, there are other problems which make it impossible to use T8 LEDs universally for the time being. Let me explain the problems in the application of T8 LED in detail.
First of all, now the color temperature of some LEDs are relatively high. Blue spectrum makes people feel uneasy, so these LEDs fail to create a comfortable environment. What's worse, the light of these LEDs are not soft enough to protect eyes.
Secondly, the driving circuit designed for LEDs needs to be improved and regularized. Designers must work on life span, power consumption, power factor and other aspects.
Thirdly, heat dissipation is another problem needed to be dealt with. This is vitally important because to some extent, it determines the life span of LEDs. At present, most of the LED tubes manufacturer uses built-in power, and thus the heat of the power supply and the tube are to be dissipated through an aluminum shell. How to deal with such a great amount of heat is still a problem.
Fourthly, competition in LED tube industry is not well-ordered. Since LEDs were introduced into market, there have been thousands of LED tube companies crowding into the market. Suddenly this new born market is in a mess.
Some companies just imitate other companies' products without knowing the products well. Of course their products are of low quality. But this industry is so new that there is a lack of standard, and thus these low quality products flow into the market. Other companies make use of media hype, exaggerating the efficiency of LEDs and misleading people who use them.
The development of T8 LED tube light is still at the initial stage, so it is inevitable that there are problems impeding the development. The LED tubes manufacturer must work hard to solve these problems so as to boom the LED tubes industry.

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